We work with entrepreneurs, do-gooders, believers, and scholars. We see them as visionaries. We approach each project as an opportunity to lend a hand in the pursuit of great work; an opportunity to breathe life into that vision.
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Estimado Cliente:

Les compartimos las nuevas tarifas Nicabox, efectivas a partir 
del 07-09-2021.

Tarifa Contado Nicabox:
Paquetes De 0.01 A 1.00 Libra / US$ 5.50 Por Paquete
Paquetes De 1.01 A 3.00 Libras / US$ 5.00 Por Libra
Paquetes De 3.01 A 10.00 Libras / US$ 4.50 Por Libra
Paquetes De 10.01 A 20.00 Libras / US$ 4.00 Por Libra
Paquetes De 20.01 A Mas / US$ 3.50 Por Libra
Consultas Nicabox: 8887-8970 Tigo - WhatsApp

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